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The OSTC cR adds 3-cell oxygen sensor monitoring to the OSTC platform.

The OSTC cR has a large bright colour LCD IPS LCD screen optically bonded to the front glass offering superb viewing from all angles in dark conditions and direct sunlight.

The hardware schematic of the OSTC cR is available and it is a fully unlocked and open source computer. This means all software upgrades are available at no extra cost.  If you are more technically inclined, you can write your own deco programs.

The OSTC cR runs the same proven software used by the OSTC 2 with decoplanning and simulated dive modes and is rated to 120m.

  • ·       S8-connector providing direct link between dive computer and rebreather for oxygen monitoring
  • ·       Long-lasting battery using rechargeable lithium ion battery giving up to 60 hours in dive mode
  • ·       Buhlmann Model ZH-L16C nitrogen and helium calculations with adjustable safety margins and gradiant factors
  • ·       Mulitgas (Trimix) with five preconfigured trimix gases and one trimix configurable during a dive
  • ·       Adjustable parameters for decompression models, warning messages and brightness levels
  • ·       3D compass with tilt-compensation

The OSTC cR base system includes the S8 to USB converter.

Additional options

S8-connector cable for rebreather cell monitoring (although ready-made third party options are commonly used).

  • Manufactured by: Heinrichsweikamp

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