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Canister and light service

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Deep Ideas has a long history of repairing and servicing lights and canisters from Light Monkey, Salvo, Hog and Agir.

When we get your order we will send you a returns number and address.  At the time of ordering please add text to describe the item you are sending and any known issues.

When we get your item it will be inspected.  If no further issues are found it will be serviced with a new standard light cord, new sealing glands, new switch boot and new o-rings, where necessary.

If the battery pack is supplied we will also, for no additional cost, test the pack and advise you of the remaining capacity.

The basic service applies to the typical canister light connected to the light head by a dedicated cord, and switched on the lid.  For an additional charge we also work on canisters with E/O cables and twist head lights.

If inspection reveals and additional items we will get in touch.

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