Agir Ratatosk Sidemount Harness


Agir Ratatosk Sidemount Harness consists of stainless steel backplates and harness.  You can choose between 3 and 6 mm stainless steel.  The 6 mm dorsal plate is slightly arched to follow your back.  The harness is based on the Agir  backmounted harness and is threaded much in the same way.  The dorsal plate delivers the webbing running over your shoulders and the two loops meet and are threaded through the lumbar plate.  This creates the familiar belt buckle parts of your webbing.  The two backplates are connected through a spinal webbing.  The harness comes with a standard set of 2 shoulder and 4 hip D-rings, belt buckle, crutch strap with 2 D-rings and the SiMo bungee kit.

The cylinders are attached to the rig with 6 mm bungee cords made of rubber line.  The SiMo rig kit includes nylon rope, stainless steel hose clamp and hook.

  • Manufactured by: Agir-Brokk

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