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Light Monkey Pitkin Heater Controller - refurbished

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The Pitkin heater controller sits in line between a battery and heated undergarmets and enables control of energy used by the heated vest so power can be conserved to reduce the risk of getting cold on decompression stops.

Research has shown that getting cold on decompression stop is likely to increase the chance of decompression sickness so running a reduced power for the bottom phase of the dive allows power to be conserved for decompression stops.

The Pitkin is controlled by toggling the switch on and off. Switching on will put you at full power, off and one once more will give you 80% power, two times will be 60% power, and 30% power is the final power setting available.

Delrin Housing 3.25”x1.75”x1” with cut out for bolt snap and LED.
It comes with two E/O cord; thicker cord connects to canister, and the thinner to the suit.  The controller will not operate if the connections are reversed.

LED indicator which indicates the power setting:
-  100% LED constantly on
-   80% 3 flashes
-   60% 2 flashes
-   30% 1 flash
To reset back to 100% switch canister off for 5 seconds

The 3/8" bolt snap pictured is not included and is merely provided to illustrate one way to attach the controller.  The LED is located at the end of the housing, near the connection point.

This is a factory refubished item which comes with normal Light Monkey warranty

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