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Rebreathers Simplified Rev 4


Written by: Dr. Mel Clark.

This manual explains in simple terms everything a new rebreather diver wants to know. It is basically a “how” to guide for diving and planning dives on a CCR. The manual provides generic rebreather information with unit specific appendices for some of the most common units on the market. It also will arm the future rebreather purchaser with some of the questions they need to know before buying a CCR. The manual is designed to be used by students before they take their CCR class. Finally this manual is a great guide for the open circuit diver who dives regularly with rebreather divers. The information in the manual is presented in an easy to read format and can be used in conjunction with any agency specific material. It is over 300 high quality full color pages.

Why Bother?
Rebreather Design
Selecting the right CCR
Universal CCR - Pre and Post Dive
CCR Skills
Survival Operations
Dive Planning
Appendices: Unit Specific

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