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Wreck Diving Magazine - Issue 39


Wreck diving magazine focuses on the wonderful world of wrecks and wreck diving. Full of beautifully shot images, historical and current information of wrecks from around the world.

Wreck Diving Magazine is published approximately quarterly and this is issue No.39

  • The Return to the Ancient Antikythera (The wreck site that prompted Jacques Cousteau to visit during his Greek odyssey forty years ago)
  • Shipwrecks at the Top of the World (Discovering the lost shipwrecks of the Arctic)
  • HMS King Edward VII (British Bulldog)
  • Death from the Night Sky (The sinking of the Shinkoku Maru)
  • The All-Out Battle for Guadalcanal (The battle that helped change the course of the Pacific War for the United States)
  • Tragic Wreck of the Olive Branch (The Lake Ontario shipwreck that was easier for a diver to find in 1961 than it was for a fleet of schooners to identify as lost in 1880)

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