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Wreck Diving Magazine - Issue 37


Wreck diving magazine focuses on the wonderful world of wrecks and wreck diving. Full of beautifully shot images, historical and current information of wrecks from around the world.

Wreck Diving Magazine is published approximately quarterly. You can purchase a subscription to WDM which last for 4 issues (approx 1 year).

This is issue No.37

  • Emerging From The Shadows-The wreck of Burdigala, just two miles from the famed Britannic
  • The Lady Is A Tramp-The identification of the Jeanne near the Channel Islands, off the coast of France
  • Lost And Found-The return of a family’s pocket watch from the USS San Diego after almost a century
  • Caught In The Vortex-The Armistice Day blizzard of 1940, a storm that would claim the lives of 154 people
  • Ghost Fleet Of The St. Claire River-How could so many ships disappear from such a small river?
  • D-Day In The Pacific-A merciless island campaign swept under the rug by the annals of history
  • A Benevolent Son Returns-The USS Mississinewa revisited

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