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Light Monkey 32W LED Variable Focus slug

£750.00  £675.00


This bare Light Monkey Focusable 32W LED light head is in the workshop with no handle, sealing gland, and no cable fitted.  It will need 'dressing' and soldering before use and can be used to replace another light head or can be fitted with E/O cord.

  • 8600 Lumen LED with variable focus beam
  • 6500 Kelvin colour 
  • Emitter life 50,000hours
  • 32 Watt LED five Piezo controlled levels of output:
    - 8600 Lumen
    - 4830 Lumen
    - 2795 Lumen
    - 1000 Lumen
    -   250 Lumen
  • Supplied as bare light head ready to be fitted configured as required

  • Manufactured by: Light Monkey

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