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Light Monkey 32W LED Variable Focus E/O



This latest Light Monkey Focusable 32W LED light head comes with pre-terminated E/O cord (standard M/F) and will work with any 12V E/O M/F terminated battery pack.  Due to the heat produced we advice that these lights should not be used in air for extended period.

  • 8600 Lumen LED with variable focus beam
  • 6500 Kelvin colour 
  • Emitter life 50,000hours
  • 32 Watt LED five Piezo controlled levels of output:
    - 8600 Lumen
    - 4830 Lumen
    - 2795 Lumen
    - 1000 Lumen
    -   250 Lumen
  • Comes with Goodman style handle for hands free diving

  • Manufactured by: Light Monkey

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