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Piranha Power Slice

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Power For Suit Heaters and Video Lights
The Piranha Power Slice is a module that allows you to draw 12v DC power from your scooter while underwater. All you need is an E/O cord on your suit heater or lights and you can utilize the massive battery in the scooter and stop having to carry an additional battery.

Suit Heaters
Using the Piranha battery to power a heated vest in a dry suit is the most popular application of the power slice. Typical heating systems are used on extended technical dives when the majority of the dive time is spent on decompression. The scooter is used normally during the bottom portion of the dive while the suit heater is used on decompression when the scooter is not used as much and management of the cables is easier. Reduction in scooter run time is generally minimal and can be calculated if you know the power draw of your heating vest.

Important Facts
The power slice is connected to your Piranha battery inside the scooter using the provided wiring harness. As soon as its connected the 12v output is live. A dummy plug is provided for the E/O connector and should be used at all times to prevent corrosion of the connector pins.


    Output Voltage: 12v DC
    Max. Voltage Deviation: ±0.125%
    Max Output Power: 50w
    Max Output current: 10A continuous, 15A for 30 min.
    Connector: 1 off Standard 2 pin Diving E/O connector.
    Option: Additional port is provided for 2 E/O connectors.
    Input Voltage: 18-75v DC.

Do not leave connected to your Piranha battery for extended periods when not in use. The power slice draws a small amount of current at all times and it will slowly discharge your battery.
Piranha Module
The Piranha Power Slice is a Piranha module, it can be used on any Piranha scooter. It is neutrally buoyant and balanced and has a removable weight plate to accommodate diving in both salt and fresh water. It comes weighted and ready to dive. The Power Slice is compatible with both the lithium and travel batteries.

  • Manufactured by: Dive Xtras

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