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Light Monkey 32W LED Variable Focus Sidemount

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Designed by, built by and trusted by prolific cave divers, Light Monkey offers a comprehensive range of dive lights encompassing the full spectrum of diving applications.

This 32W LED 2.0 light is machined from aluminium, then black hard-coated for optimal heat-sinking and this sidemount version is designed to be used as part of a sidemount configuration.  The angled gland makes it easier to butt mount the canister leaving the hips clear for sidemounted sylinders

  • Focusable 32 Watt LED with 8600 Lumen Output @ 6500 Kelvin
  • Variable output with five Piezo controlled levels of output.
    • 8600 Lumen - Level 5
    • 4730 Lumen - Level 4
    • 2795 Lumen - Level 3
    • 1060 Lumen - Level 2
    • 250 Lumen - Level 1
  • Dry Lid is completely sealed providing protection from water intrusion due to a cut cord or switch boot
  • Recessed power switch for lower profile
  • Angled gland making hip mount easier
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Depth rating 150m+
  • Package includes light, charger, US power cord with UK adapter


Specification with 10aH battery pack 

  • Dry Weight 2kg and in water 0.45 kg negative
  • Powered by two 5.2aH (57.5wH) Li-Ion batteries (providing 195 minutes burntime)
  • Recharge time from complete discharge 6 hours
  • 9 inch (22.7cm) Length, 3 inch (7.62cm) Diameter

Specification with  20aH battery pack 

  • Powered by four 5.2aH (57.5wH) Li-Ion batteries (providing 285 minutes burntime)
  • Dry Weight 2.6kg and in water 0.9 kg negative
  • Recharge time from complete discharge 12 hours
  • 12 inch (30.5cm) Length, 3 inch (7.62cm) Diameter

  • Manufactured by: Light Monkey

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