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Light Monkey 35W HiD

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Designed by, built by and trusted by prolific cave divers, Light Monkey boasts a comprehensive range of dive lights encompassing the full spectrum of diving applications.

In the Light Monkey HiD range solid 'banana connectors' have replaced the wired Anderson connectors. Some users reported that the wires on the Anderson connectors could become caught in the canister lid which occasionally led to flooding of the torch. Also because the battery was not fixed in the canister it was not possible to tell from the orientation of the canister lid whether or not the battery was connected.  Now with the solid connectors there are no wires to trap and the orientation on the lid will inform the diver whether or not the battery is connected to the ballast.   This light produces a lot of heat we recommend not using this is air.

  • Full variable focus for optimising beam penetration
  • 35 Watt HID with 3000 Lumen Output @ 6000 Kelvin
  • Dry Lid is completely sealed providing protection from water intrusion due to a cut cord or switch boot
  • Recessed power switch for lower profile
  • Depth rating 150m+
  • UN 38.3 Test Compliant - Battery is safe for air transport
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Package includes light, charger, US power cord with UK adapter

Batteries available from 10.4Ah to 26Ah Li-Ion canisters

Specification with 10.4Ah battery pack 

  • Dry Weight 2kg and in water 0.45 kg negative
  • Powered by a 10.4Ah Li-ion battery pack (providing 120 minutes burntime)
  • Recharge time from complete discharge 6 hours
  • 9 inch (22.7cm) Length, 3 inch (7.62cm) Diameter

Specification with  20.8Ah battery pack 

  • Powered by a 20.8Ah Li-ion battery pack (providing 240 minutes burntime)
  • Dry Weight 2.8kg and in water 0.6 kg negative
  • Recharge time from complete discharge 12 hours
  • 12 inch (30.5cm) Length, 3 inch (7.62cm) Diameter

  • Manufactured by: Light Monkey

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