Sidekick Duo GoPro Light - 600 flood / 400 Spot


"Every Hero needs a Sidekick"

Sidekick Duo is an excellent budget companion light for GoPro cameras. It is the smallest, lightest and most powerful light to mount with a GoPro. Sidekick Duo provides a smooth wide angle light courtesy of its 600 lumen 90 degree wide beam to complement the camera in low light or backlit conditions. When you need a strong fill light, Sidekick also has a 400 lumen / 23 degree spot beam.  Both beams can be used at the same time to provide 1000 lumen total light output.  Sidekick Duo can make a huge difference in the quality of your images.

The key design drivers are light weight, powerful wide flood beam and seamless mounting to allow Sidekick Duo to go wherever your GoPro camera goes. To keep it lightweight, Sidekick Duo uses a Li-ion rechargeable battery delivering the best power to weight ratio. In order to handle the wide range of environments the Sidekick Duo is completely waterproof and can handle pressure up to 60m / 200' underwater. Charging is external so the user never needs to open or compromise the lights seal.

What are the key features of Sidekick?
Sidekick Duo delivers a powerful 600-lumen flood beam for a full hour and is certified to the FL-1 standard.

Sidekick Duo

Mounts next to the camera with a simple, secure, low-profile arm that works with all existing GoPro mounts.

Factory sealed and waterproof to 200 feet. You never need to open it. Charging is external with a slide-on USB adaptor.

Sidekick Duo is suppied with GoPro Bolt Extender and USB Charging Cable.

  • Manufactured by: Light & Motion

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