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Light Monkey Cylinder Brackets/Mounts (Single)


83.These cylinder mounts are ideal for pony bottles, batteries, suit inflation bottles or rebreather cylinders. They are made from delrin to avoid corrosion problems. They mate together in seconds making it extremely simple to remove/replace the cylinders.

The female section of the mount lines up with the male section and slide together. The pin locks the mounts into place to stop any movement Due to the design of these mounts, they are not handed, so they can be used as a left or right hand mount. These mounts are designed for holding up to 3l cylinders. It may be possible to mount 5l cylinders with them, but larger cylinders would need two mounts per cylinder.

The mounts can be purchased individually or as a pair suitable for rebreather divers. A pack consists of a cylinder mount and locking pin. Jubilee bands are not included.

This single pack consists of a single complete bracket with locking pin.

  • Manufactured by: Light Monkey

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