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Blackbird 28lb Single Tank Wing


Blackbird 28lb Single Tank Wing.

The Blackbird 28 single tank wing is a circular 360 degree 'donut' wing to facilitate effective gas migration. As it's name suggests the wing delivers 28lb (13 Kilos) of lift making the wing ideal for divers using a single cylinder for backgas without a stage cylinder. It has been designed to deliver perfect trim and balance in the water whilst it's high quality construction and 1000 denier nylon coated shell protects it from rips tears and punctures.

Features include:

  • Designed for optimum trim and stability
  • Centred corrugated hose
  • 28lb / 13Kg of lift
  • Circular gas migration for easy venting
  • Single kidney dump OPRV
  • Toughened and coated shell fabrics to protect the bladder
  • Lightweight materials bonded by strengthened seams
  • Tactile knotted dump-cord for easy operation whilst reducing snag
  • Hardwearing and accessible inner bladder
  • Ideal for Hogarthian/DIR/UTD/GUE style rigs

The streamlined and modular approach as offered by the Agir-Brokk wing systems has gained popularity amongst Open Circuit tecnical divers over recent years. The concept of sizing the wing based on the amount of lift required as opposed to an over sized wing that requires bungee to hold it's shape has become increasingly prevalent amongst tecnical divers the world over.

The Blackbird 28lb wing contains: Blackbird 28lb wing and lp inflator hose.


  • Manufactured by: Agir-Brokk

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