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Cuda Power Outlet Kit

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Power For Suit Heaters and Video Lights
The Cuda Power Outlet Kit allows you to draw 12v DC power from your scooter while underwater.

All you need is an E/O cord on your suit heater or lights and you can use the massive battery in the scooter and stop having to carry an additional battery.  To run multiple items Y connectors and extensions leads can be added.

Suit Heaters
Using the Cuda battery to power a heated vest in a dry suit is the most popular application of the kit. Typical heating systems are used on extended technical dives when the majority of the dive time is spent on decompression. The scooter is used normally during the bottom portion of the dive while the suit heater is used on decompression when the scooter is not used as much and management of the cables is easier. Reduction in scooter run time is generally minimal and can be calculated if you know the power draw of your heating vest.

General Usage
The kit is connected to your Cuda battery inside the scooter using the provided wiring harness. As soon as it is connected the 12v output is live. A dummy plug is provided for the E/O connector and should be used at all times to prevent corrosion of the connector pins.

    Output Voltage:      12V DC
    Max Output Power:  50w
    Max Output current: 10A continuous, 15A for 30 min.
    Connector: 1 off Standard 2 pin Diving E/O connector.
Do not leave connected to your Cuaa battery for extended periods when not in use. The kit draws a small amount of current at all times and it will slowly discharge your battery.

E/O 90deg Bulkhead Connector


    Model: 2P–HM–BH–90–3750
    Series: Diver (E/O)
    3/8" x 1/2" long thread
    Type: 90° Bulkhead
    Poles: 2
    Max Voltage: 300V
    Max Current: 10A
    Wet Matable: Yes
    Cable Type: 2/C 18 AWG
    Cable length: 8in
    Depth Rating: 10,000ft


    Pin: CA-360 Brass, Gold Plated
    Socket: Beryllium Copper, Gold Plated
    Connector Body: Neoprene
    Cable: Cable specific, typically EPDM
    Bulkhead Insert: CA–360 Brass
    Thread: 3/8-24 x 1/2" Long
    Sealing: 2-045 O-Ring (Not supplied)+Integral Li

Installation of the Cuda Power Adapter Kit requires opening the pre-marked hole on the Cuda tail.

This can be used with Cuda 400 or Cuda 650 body and is only reccomended on Cuda #127 and later as earlier models lacked the prepared piercing and attempts to install the kit may result in damage to the scooter tail.

  • Manufactured by: Dive Xtras

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