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OS Trimix Dive Computer 2c (OSTC 2c)


 The OSTC 2c is the latest revision to the popular OSTC 2 computer (replacing the OSTC 2n).

The OSTC 2c is a robust, easy to use dive computer. It has an enlarged bright colour LCD IPS-TFT screen which is superb in dark conditions and direct sunlight.

The hardware specification and software is all open source. This means all software upgrades are available at no extra cost. If you are more technically inclined, you can write your own deco programs.

The OSTC can be run in Bulhmann deco mode with conservatism factors, Gradient Factors deco mode or gauge mode. It can also be used for constant PPO2 deco calculations.

Standard features include:

  • Battery life from single charge > 60h at maximum brightness in Divemode
  • Charges via any USB Port within 4 hours
  • 4mm highly scratch-resistant borosilicate glass display
  • Electronics completely encapsulated, no airspace left to crush or flood
  • Two Piezo-electric buttons, usable even with extra thick gloves
  • Integrated Bungee Mount
  • Charge indicator LED
  • CNS tracking
  • Ascent rate display
  • Battery warning
  • Battery Voltage
  • 5 Programmable gases (Nitrox, Trimix or Heliox)
  • User definable last stop depth
  • Gauge/Apnea mode

There are many customisable functions including the rate to sample depth, warning settings, Gradient factor settings and so on. For a full list please refer to the Online manual as these are upgraded as new software features become available.

The OSTC package contains: 1 OSTC 2c dive computer, a case to store the computer, English manual and a USB cable. To reflect software revision updates the manual can also be downloaded from the HeinrichsWeikamp website.

For more information, please visit our main website.


PLEASE NOTE: The OSTC 2C is aimed at technical divers who have a good understanding of decompression theory and it is not intended as a recreational dive computer.  For recreational diving we recommend the OSTC Sport.

Please note: As this is an Open Source computer, you are purchasing the hardware only. The OSTC 2c will come pre-loaded with the latest stable software from HeinrichsWeikamp. We have no warranty/liability for software.

  • Manufactured by: Heinrichsweikamp

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