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Light Monkey 32W LED V2.0 Upgrade



The Light Monkey 32W V2.0 LED generates 4000 lumens, compared to 2500 lumens by the 32W LED and 1700 limens by the 26W LED.  The beam shape has also been improved and produces less stray light.

Deep Ideas and Light Monkey have put together an upgrade package to bring this new performance to owners of 26W and 32W lights.

When we get your order we will send you a returns number and address.

When we receive your light it will be inspected and upgraded using a refurbished V2.0 lighthead.  Your old light head will be sent to Light Monkey for refurbishment.

The upgrade includes a refurbished light head, new light cord and new sealing glands.

If the battery pack is supplied we will also, for no additional cost, test the pack and advise you of the remaining capacity.

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