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UTD - Essentials of Recreational Diving DVD


UTD or "Unified Team Diving" is a technical training agency built around the DIR/Hogathian/NTEC principles of streamlining, awareness of team & environment, diver discipline, consistency and preparation. UTD has developed a series of DVDs, which are designed to support Open Circuit divers who wish to adopt these principles into their personal diving.

When used in conjunction with in-water training, these DVDs will aid Open Circuit divers to develop and hone the skills required to dive safely in open water and overhead environments.
Each DVD in the series presents the skills in a unique format. First, a complete and uninterrupted video shows the skill being performed. Next, the exact same video is replayed, with the addition of key pauses and subtitled Instructor voiceovers highlighting the essential elements of each skill.
The DVDs are easily navigated via a menu system so that specific skills can be reviewed in isolation to aid learning.
UTD materials are useful preparation for divers taking Technical Classes with agencies such as UTD, NAUI, NAUI Tech, GUE, SSI, SDI, TDI, IANTD and ANDI.

Essentials of Recreational Diving

The first DVD is geared towards recreational single cylinder divers who wish to improve their in-water skills. The DVD contains 15 foundation skills: Trim/Buoyancy, Modified Flutter Kick, Frog Kick, Backward Kick, Helicopter Turn, Basic 6 - Regulator & Mask Skills, Valve Drills, S-drills (Out Of Air) Ascent Drills (including Safety Decompression Stops) as well as bonus skills: Deploying an Surface Marker Buoy, Toxing Diver drill and Out of Gas Ascents.

  • Manufactured by: Unified Team Diving

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