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High Performance Fixed Pitch Propellor MK2 'Fury'


High performance one piece propellor (Cuda Only).

This aluminium fixed pitch propeller has been designed handle the high thrusts of the Cuda motors. Designed specifically for the X-Scooter Cuda, this new propeller offers 15-22% efficiency gains (increased thrust and burntimes).

*New Blade Profile: Increase efficiency and thrust at low and high speeds.

*One Piece Design: No moving parts means no weak points and reduces energy loss.

*Anti-Snag Line Tabs: They prevent line from tangling the motor shaft, stopping the motor from working properly.

*Easy Maintenance: One Screw removes the entire X-Prop to perform an annual service.

Includes instructions, replacement dowel pin, seal cap, retaining ring, securing bolt, sandpaper and loctite.

This is a lightweight version of the MK2 Cuda version which is suitable for the Cuda Fury and 400 models.

This prop system is not compatible with the retaining collar and sleeve (replacement fittings are included).

User beware: This prop does not support the clutch system i.e the emergency stop protocol of putting your hand through the prop will not stop the blades from moving!

Please note that the lead time on this item could be up to 4 months. Please confirm before ordering.

  • Manufactured by: Dive Xtras

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