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Wreck Diving Magazine - Issue 27


Wreck diving magazine focuses on the wonderful world of wrecks and wreck diving. Full of beautifully shot images, historical and current information of wrecks from around the world.

Wreck Diving Magazine is published approximately quarterly. You can purchase a subscription to WDM which last for 4 issues (approx 1 year).

This is issue No.27:

  • •Take It Or Leave It?
 Things to consider before taking an artifact from a wreck
  • •Return To Waitara
 An old wreck becomes a new wreck in many ways
  • •Bermuda
 Our new favorite all-around wreck diving destination
  • •In The Quest For Answers
 Nuestra Senora de la Pura y Limpía Concepcion
  • •The Most Scuba-Fatal Shipwreck In The Great Lakes
 Triumphs and tragedies of the bark, Arabia
  • •Bubble Trouble On The Mighty “O”
 Getting bent diving the USS Ozark
  • •The Demise Of The Afrique
 Of the 599 people on board, only 35 survived. Other secrets may still be onboard
  • •Message In A Bottle
 Mysteries of the schooner, Thomas Hume
  • •The Quest For The Queen’s Priceless Jewels
 Shipwrecks of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet, Part II
  • •PFO Concerns For Technical Divers
 How Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) is suspected to play a role in decompression sickness (DCS)

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