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Wreck Diving Magazine - Issue 20


Wreck diving magazine focuses on the wonderful world of wrecks and wreck diving. Full of beautifully shot images, historical and current information of wrecks from around the world.

Wreck Diving Magazine is published approximately quarterly. You can purchase a subscription to WDM which last for 4 issues (approx 1 year).

  • The Subterranean World Of The Transylvania
  • Possibly the best wreck dive in the British Isles, 450 feet deep.

  • The HMS Swordfish
  • After leaving Portsmouth, England on November 7, 1940, it would be another 40 years before anyone would see her again.

  • The Short, Unhappy Life Of Duane Precious

  • The freak 1934 sinking of the tug, Monarch, killed several men, including a young, dedicated sailor familiar with tragedy.

  • Diving For Gold In The Chestatee River

  • Possibly the only remaining example of a 19th century diving bell in existence.

  • How To Find Your Very Own Treasure, Part II

  • Who doesn’t dream of finding their very own sunken treasure?

  • Conde De Tolosa

  • Divers return to the amazing Spanish wreck found by Captain Tracy Bowden back in 1979.

  • The French Submarine, Rubis

  • The diving team Expédition Scyllias visits one of the most popular dive sites off the coast of France.

  • The Story Of The Spanish Warship, La Galga, Part II

  • An inside look at the landmark Sea Hunt case, the first time that the Kingdom of Spain has entered litigation involving discovery of a Spanish shipwreck. Wrecks that had not actually been discovered, yet were awarded to Spain in contradiction to Admiralty Law.

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