Dive Xtras X-Scooters

Dive Xtras X-Scooters

For the last 5 years the X-Scooter series of DPVs (Scooters) have become widely recognised as the market leaders in terms of size, weight, manoeuvrability, power, reliability and performance. These industry benchmarks have been achieved through innovative designs, specialist research and thorough testing. All X-Scooter models are subjected to extensive trials before they are released, which means that Dive Xtras are alone in standing by their 3 year warranty on all scooters.

Since it's original conception the X-Scooter has been breaking new ground in the DPV market. The utilisation of new and emerging technologies on the X-Scooters have allowed divers to enjoy their scooters in new and exciting applications and locations which were not possible before.

At the heart of the X-Scooter range is a brushless motor that can generate speeds of up to 254 fpm. In addition to the power it produces, the motor also has many other beneficial features:

  •   Lighter, generates less heat, more energy efficient, more powerful.
  •   Has no moving parts, therefore it cannot be damaged by saltwater flooding.
  •   Does not require periodic strips/rebuilds.
  •   Controlled motor spins up and down avoiding jerky movements.
  •   Rated for 10,000hrs at 10,000rpm. The motor actually runs at a fraction of this speed.

The construction of the scooter has many attributes which demonstrate an attention to detail and ultimately give a scooter designed for all environments.

  •   Aluminium construction, does not warp or compress at depth.
  •   Single piece nose section with a sacrificial edge, protecting dual o-ring sealing surfaces.
  •   Nose section d-ring for clipping off the scooter during deco or in poor visibility.
  •   Battery locks into a waterproof compartment.
  •   Takes seconds to switch batteries, ideal for fast turnaround between dives or for a rental market.
  •   Yoke adjustment allowing for full variable pitch of prop.
  •   5 or 8 Speeds built into the trigger enabling easy speed matching within a team.
  •   Trigger mechanism is a stainless rod which cannot break, unlike cable mechanisms.
  •   Trigger locking mechanism is a thumb screw, so no locking pins to lose.
  •   Simply add/remove ballast pouches to adjust for salt/fresh water.
  •   Depth rating: 180m.
  •   Adjustable length tow cord via sliding knot.


  •   Short or Long Body (Sierra only)
  •   Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) or Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries (Sierra only)
  •   Integrated Camera (X-View) (Sierra only)
  •   Navigation (Compass) Mounts
  •   Underwater Video Camera Mounts
  •   Underwater Light Mounts
  •   Spares Kits
  •   Travel Cases

  Deep Ideas Extras  

The standard scooter package includes: Scooter (inc. tow cord), battery, charger, spares kit, owners DVD and mask strap. In addition to this, we can provide the scooter with 2 sets of trim weights - 1 for fresh water and 1 for saltwater (extra charge applies). We will meet at an inland divesite if required, to go through how to use the scooter and perform maintenance (subject to availability).

For a detailed specification of the X-Scooters, please visit the DiveXtras website.

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