CCR Simplified  

This manual explains in simple terms everything a new rebreather diver wants to know. It is basically a “how” to guide for diving and planning dives on a CCR. The manual provides generic rebreather information with unit specific appendices for some of the most common units on the market. It also will arm the future rebreather purchaser with some of the questions they need to know before buying a CCR. The manual is designed to be used by students before they take their CCR class. Finally this manual is a great guide for the open circuit diver who dives regularly with rebreather divers. The information in the manual is presented in an easy to read format and can be used in conjunction with any agency specific material. It is over 300 high quality full color pages.

  CCR Trimix Simplified  

Written by: Dr. Mel Clark.

The manual provides a simplified look at CCR Trimix diving. It is non-rebreather specific and covers all the main points that a CCR Trimix diver needs to know. Combined with the easy reading style and quality images, this is a useful book to add to your collection.

  • CCR Trimix (How it works)
  • Gas Properties
  • Decompression Physiology
  • Human Physiology
  • Dive Planning
  • Dive Medicine
  • Equipment
  • Survival Operations

  CCR Cave Diving  

CCR Cave Diving "Almost Simplified" As There Is Nothing Simple About Cave Diving. The latest book from Dr Mel Clark brings the easy reading style to the topic of Rebreather cave diving. It provides detailed information on caves and cave diving from the specific focus of rebreather diving, and is designed to assist pre-trained rebreather cave divers prepare for their training course.

Click here to download the chapter contents. This file is approx 2MB and may take a few minutes to download.

  Jill Heinerth's Guide: Digital Underwater Photography  

In this easy to understand guide, Jill Heinerth shares her secrets, techniques and photo expedition experiences, to help you improve your underwater digital photography. An acclaimed photographer and film maker, Jill takes you through the practices that she, and many other working pros, employ to produce award-winning results. From swimming pointers to editing software advice, this guide contains the latest real-life knowledge that will make you a more capable and confident diver and photographer. Generously illustrated with the author's full color images, this guidebook is a valuable addition to every scuba diver's library.

  Jill Heinerth's Guide: The Essentials of Cave Diving  

Cave diving has been called the "most dangerous participatory sport" in the world. It doesn't have to be. With proper training, experience and guidance you can be a skilled cave diver, and enjoy this challenging and rewarding activity, for a lifetime.

With decades of technical diving experience, including world record cave dives, and paradigm changing underwater exploration, Woman Divers Hall of Fame member Jill Heinerth has created this full-colour contemporary guidebook. Generously illustrated, "The Essentials of Cave Diving" contains practical, 21st century underwater knowledge, including sidemount techniques and the latest rebreather technology. Encompassing all levels of cave diving, from entry-level to expert, this manual is an essential tool.

  Unified Team Diving (5thD-X) DVDs  

UTD or "Unified Team Diving" is a technical training agency built around the DIR/Hogathian/NTEC principles of streamlining, awareness of team & environment, diver discipline, consistency and preparation. UTD has developed a series of DVDs, which are designed to support Open Circuit divers who wish to adopt these principles into their personal diving.

When used in conjunction with in-water training, these DVDs will aid Open Circuit divers to develop and hone the skills required to dive safely in open water and overhead environments.

Each DVD in the series presents the skills in a unique format. First, a complete and uninterrupted video shows the skill being performed. Next, the exact same video is replayed, with the addition of key pauses and subtitled Instructor voiceovers highlighting the essential elements of each skill. The DVDs are easily navigated via a menu system so that specific skills can be reviewed in isolation to aid learning.

UTD materials are useful preparation for divers taking Technical Classes with agencies such as UTD, NAUI, NAUI Tech, GUE, SSI, SDI, TDI, IANTD and ANDI.

Essentials of Recreational Diving

The first DVD is geared towards recreational single cylinder divers who wish to improve their in-water skills. The DVD contains 15 foundation skills: Trim/Buoyancy, Modified Flutter Kick, Frog Kick, Backward Kick, Helicopter Turn, Basic 6 - Regulator & Mask Skills, Valve Drills, S-drills (Out Of Air) Ascent Drills (including Safety Decompression Stops) as well as bonus skills: Deploying an Surface Marker Buoy, Toxing Diver drill and Out of Gas Ascents.

Intro to Tech

This DVD is part 1 in a series of Technical DVD's that takes a closer look at the foundational skills required to safely conduct Open Circuit Tech Diving. The skills are demonstrated in a typical Hogarthian twinset configuration with a deco stage and in a drysuit.
This DVD combines 15 technical skill videos with the Intro to Tech class lecture presentations, workbooks and valve management flow charts, all designed to help all divers (instructors/students/technical/cave/wreck) become safer and more proficient divers. Skills included are: Trim/Buoyancy, Frog Kick, Modified Frog, Modified Flutter Kick, Backward Kick, Helicopter Turn, Regulator & Mask Skills, Twinset Valve Drills, S-drills (Out Of Gas), Side By Side (Right, Left), Single file, Surface Marker Buoy Deploy, Ascent drills (including Deco stops procedures),OOA Horizontal Ascent, Toxing Diver Drill, Deco Stage Switch and Deco Stage Stow.
These skills form the nucleus for the Intro to Tech class, and build a solid foundation for anyone aspiring to become a technical/wreck/cave diver.

Technical Diving

This Technical DVD takes a closer look at the skills and knowledge required for safe, effective technical & trimix diving.
This DVD is designed to prepare students for advanced Technical Diver Training by demonstrating 27 skills in detail. The skills included are: Line: Primary, Secondary, Reel Handling and Juggling, Tie Points, End Tie and Recovery
Team: Positioning, Light Awareness and Tempo
No Mask: Signaling, No Mask Direct Ascent, No Mask Exit and Ascent with Line
9 Failures: Right Post Fixable, Right Manifold and Left Post Failure Mistaken For Right
Stage work:
1 Bottle - Trim, Dump, SPG, Stage Switch, Stage Stow.
2 Bottle - Trim, Dump, SPG, Single bottle passing, multi bottle passing and 2 Bottle Ascent Example
3 bottle - Trim with D-ring detail, SPG, Dump, Stage Move and 3 Bottle Ascent Example
Bonus features include: Failures test flow sheets (All 9 failures are tested), Flow Charts, Ratio Deco Battle Field Calculations and video of actual Technical Dives conducted worldwide.

  Wreck Diving Magazine  

Wreck diving magazine focuses on the wonderful world of wrecks and wreck diving. Full of beautifully shot images, historical and current information of wrecks from around the world. Salt water, fresh water, recreational to extreme technical dives - it is all covered.

Regular contributors include the famous "Deep Sea Detectives" Richie Kohler and John Chatterton as well as Leigh Bishop, Sir Robert Marx, David Trotter and many more. It provides a wealth of experience and information for all wreck divers.

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