Spools & Reels  


The Agir reel is a good value for money, primary reel with 130m of line. It can be used for DSMB deployment as well as laying line.
The spools are supplied by Light Monkey and come in 100ft (30m) and 150ft (45m) variants.


  Fin Straps 


The Agir finstraps screw directly into the jetfin post, making them very secure. There are no pins that can come loose or break. The high quality spring is covered with webbing and a short rubber sleeve to aid removal.


The XL spring straps cover most boots from sizes 7 upwards. If you have small feet you may need the smaller size.


  Cylinder Accessories 


First Stage: Agir compact first stage for a suit inflation bottle. It comes with an over-pressure relief valve and has a brass handwheel as standard.


Deco Gauge: A glass fronted pressure gauge on a 6" hp hose. It is O2 clean, has a luminous dial and is protected by a rubber case.


Single Tank Adapter: Agir lightweight Single Tank Adapter weighing 0.4kgs. It has 3 camband slots for easy adjustment of trim for various cylinders.


Storage Pack: Agir storage pack is designed for both additional storage and soft padding of the backplate. It´s made of rugged cordura-material with an added layer of soft 3 mm neoprene. When attached to the backplate with its four screws and nuts, there´s room for an SMB to be stored. Screws and nuts are stainless steel.

The storage pack opening seals with velcro. By letting part of the SMB loop pass through the velcro lock, your gear will remain in place and but will still be released with ease.



Balanced p-valve supplied by Light Monkey, with norprene hose and stainless steel p-thru bolt. A low cost option for those needing a p-valve fitted to their drysuit. The package contains one p-valve and a male external catheter.


Streamlined balanced p-valve supplied by Agir-Brokk, with neoprene hose. By housing the check valve in the head, this high quality, luxury P-valve eliminates the need for a 'Y' piece and additional hose length inside the suit therefore reducing clutter inside the suit.

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