Dry Ring System

Dry Ring System

Dry gloves are very useful to divers. They keep your hands dry and warm, which helps dexterity underwater and also helps your whole body stay warm.

Many dry ring systems have issues with bulky, difficult to lock rings, risks of rings separating and they all have the same flaw - split a wrist seal on your suit and diving is over for the day or trip. The main feature of this system is it allows a wrist seal to be changed in seconds.

This system keeps the wrist seals in place, so you do not have to use dry gloves on every dive. You can fit the dry rings if you just wish to have the quick wrist seal change facility.

The system is designed as 2 sections: An outer rubber ring that is permanently attached to your dry suit, and an inner plastic ring which slides inside the rubber ring, holding the wrist seal in place.

The cost of fitting these rings to your suit can vary so it is best to get a quote from a drysuit repair specialist. If the arms of your suit are too narrow for the rings, it may need to have darts put in to allow the rings to be fitted.

  Dry Gloves 

These dry gloves work very well with the dry ring system. The beaded edge gives you something to hold on to and stops any splitting of the end of the glove. They are also nice and cheap which means you can keep spares in your dive kit.

  Merino Wool Liner Gloves  

Thin liner gloves made from Merino wool for warmth and wicking ability. These gloves are great for wearing under dry gloves all year round, either on their own in the summer or as a liner under thermal gloves in Winter (depending on how cold your hands get). They can be used for all outdoor activities where you need a little extra warmth. These gloves are a little bit short in the wrist so they may not reach under the wrist seal for equalisation. One size.

  Liner Gloves  

Thin liner gloves made from polyester with great wicking ability. These gloves can also be worn on their own or as a liner underneath thermal gloves. These gloves are longer in the wrist so they can slide under the wrist seal for equalisation. They provide additional warmth, however they are not quite as warm as the merino liner gloves. One size.

  Thermal Gloves  

Thin microfleece gloves to provide extra warmth in Winter. They can be worn on their own or with the Liner gloves underneath. The thin material maintains warmth while allowing you to keep the dexterity you need. The material wicks moisture and drys fast. Sizes: S-M, L-XL

  Kevlar Overgloves  

These overgloves can be used if you are concerned about puncturing the latex dry gloves. They are lightweight and made from a Kevlar material. These will fit over most gloves.

  How to use the system  

Once you have the rings fitted to your suit and have put the wrist seals in you are ready to go diving with wet gloves. To use drygloves you need to do a few extra steps:

  • Create a path for gas equalisation between your suit and gloves - otherwise the gloves will crush your hands. This is usually bearable to 20-30m but is not reccommended. There are 2 different methods to equalise the gloves.
    • Slide something between the wrist seal and your wrist to keep a channel open for gas to move through. Popular options include using bungee, rubber tubing, string.
    • Put your liner gloves on before you put your suit on. Slide your hands through the wrist seal but make sure that part of the liner glove is still inside the suit. The liner glove allows gas to pass between your suit and your gloves.
  • Attach dry gloves. It's probably best to find a method that works for you, but this is a suggested method. Pull the glove over part of the rubber ring. Lock this in place by trapping it between your leg and hand. Work your way round the rest of the glove pulling it over the rubber ring. Make sure the glove is past the lip on the ring all the way round the wrist.

If you spring a leak in your dry glove during the dive, pull out the bungee or liner glove from under the wrist seal to stop water entering your suit. Water doesn't pour into the suit, it slowly seeps in, so keep your wrist at the lowest point to minimise water entry and you will have time to deal with the problem.

You can purchase all these items individually in the online shop, or as a package containing the dry ring system, dry gloves and liner gloves.

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