Wings & Backplates

Wings and Backplates


The Agir Brokk Niord 44 wing, for Open Circuit (OC) twinset divers, is a circular 360 degree 'donut' wing to facilitate effective gas migration. As its name suggests, the wing delivers 44lb of lift making the wing ideal for technical divers using a medium weight twinset (such 2X12l steel), with or without stages. It has been designed to deliver perfect trim and balance in the water whilst it's high quality construction and 1000 denier nylon coated shell protects it from rips tears and punctures.


The Agir-Brokk Stainless Steel Backplates are constructed from high grade Acid-Proof and Marine Grade steel (2343/316) and are surfaced treated by being blasted by both sand and glass to insure a finish of the highest quality. They're designed to work perfectly with the Agir-Brokk range of wings but can used with the majority of technical wings on the market. The backplates are delivered complete with single piece harness, crotch strap and associated hardware.

The 6mm Stainless Steel Backplate weighs 5.1Kg making it a popular choice with divers who wish move their ballast closer to their centre of gravity and away from their weight belt.

The 3mm Stainless Steel Backplate weighs 2.3Kg making it the most popular choice for most diving applications. The 3mm plate is suitable for occasional travel but a diver who intends to travel with their rig extensively may wish to consider an ali backplate, whereas a diver who wants their backplate to form the main component of their ballast solution may want to consider the 6mm plate.


    • 3mm/2.3Kg
    • 6mm/5.1Kg

  Harness with Hardware 

A Backplate harness and hardware pack, supplied by Light Monkey, that contains everything you need to rig a Horgarthian single piece harness with crotch strap.

The set consists of single piece harness webbing, 3 x SS D-rings, 5 x SS tri-glides, SS Belt buckle, 3 X Rubber Snoopy loops,1 X Corrugated Hose retainer ring and a crotch strap complete with SS scooter and butt D-rings already installed.

  More Information  

For more information, please visit the Agir-Brokk website or Light Monkey website

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