Light Monkey HiDs  

Welcome to Light Monkey's new range of primary lights. Light Monkey boasts a comprehensive range of dive lights encompassing the full spectrum of diving applications. The company is owned and operated by active cave divers with years of experience in producing dive lights.

In the Light Monkey HiD range solid 'banana connectors' have replaced the wired Anderson connectors. Some users reported that the wires on the Anderson connectors could become caught in the canister lid which occasionally led to flooding of the torch. Also because the battery was not fixed in the canister it was not possible to tell from the orientation of the canister lid whether or not the battery was connected. Now with the solid connectors there are no wires to trap and the orientation on the lid will inform the diver whether or not the battery is connected to the ballast.

Fixed or Focused Beam?

Fixed Focus: Small compact heads, more even beam spread, suited to solo diving where team signalling is not a priority.

Variable Focus: More focused beam for greater light projection and improved team signalling and tracking. Ideal for scootering in a team.

  21 Watt 10amp HiD 

Full range of Light Monkey Primary Lights available. Please visit the shop for full details.

  Agir Brokk Lugh  

Agir Brokk equipment oozes quality and these LED Primary lights are no exception. These lights are well suited to divers seeking an even fixed focus beam and long burn times. All Lugh 9 lights sold by Deep Ideas come with the optional Goodman handle pre-installed.


LED: High efficiency at low and medium power outputs resulting in long burn time durations relative to their physical size and weight. No bulbs to replace. Popular with cave divers and those subjected to airline weight restrictions.

HiD: More efficient at higher outputs that result in powerful beams that can be projected over longer distances. Suited to team diving, tracking, signalling and scootering.

  Lugh 9 16W LED Primary  

  Backup Lights 

In the event of a primary light failure it is important to have bright and reliable backup lights to hand. The specific environment in which you are diving will dictate the number and the size of the backups lights required.

The 3W Backup light is a standard size backup light that is ideal for attaching to harness webbing. Utilising cheap and widely available ‘C’ cell batteries it is one of the mainstay backup lights used by technical divers around the world. With a beam angle of 8 degrees the 3W Backup offers reasonable beam penetration but is not a substitute for a decent primary light.

The 2W Backup light is a compact alternative to the 3W Backup that utilises Li-Ion CR-123 cells. It is a good choice for divers who wish to carry backup lights in their pockets. With a 13 degree beam angle the 2W Backup is excellent for illuminating gauges but lacks the beam penetration of the 3W version. Both lights are double o-ring sealed, made from delrin and are depth rated to 150m.

  • 3W Backup Light
    • 3 X C cell (supplied)
    • 10 hours burn time
    • 3.5cm body diameter
    • 20cm body long
  • 2W Backup Light
    • 2 x CR123 Li-ion (supplied)
    • 6Hrs burn time.
    • 3cm body diameter
    • 12.6cm long

  More Information  

For more information, please visit the Light Monkey website or Agir website

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